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DMK Skin Revision™ face treatments

DMK Skin Revision™ is a skin treatment concept that combines the latest knowledge of botany and innovative technology. DMK’s revolutionary enzyme skin care treatments work together with the structure and function of the skin. It doesn’t just treat the surface of the skin.

Help and solutions for various skin problems:
– Changes caused by aging
– Acne
– Hyperpigmentation
– Acne rosacea, sensitive skin
– Scars
– Atopic skin

The enzyme therapy treatments together with DMK Skincare™ products used at home will restore youthful, healthy and beautiful skin.

DMK’s enzyme therapy treatments are world-famous for their plasmatic effect, which improves cellular oxygen uptake and removes dead protein and toxins.

DMK’s unique 4 stage concept of revising the skin, REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, MAINTAIN has won worldwide recognition from medical professionals.

Our facial treatments are tailored to suit you and your skin.

Dermapen micro needling

The Dermapen micro needling is an automated-micro needling therapy system where the skin is treated with a micro needling device with 12 needles, that vertically pierces the skin automatically vibrating 1300 times per second. Our trained therapist will always individually tailor the Dermapen micro needling therapy according to the treatment area / indication and to the needs and expectations of our customer.

The micro needling creates tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin, which induces the repair process of the skin. As a result of this reaction, skin’s natural collagen reproduction activates and the renewal of the skin speeds up. The results of the Dermapen micro needling therapy include improved firmness and revitalization of the skin. It is also an effective treatment for various changes in the skin caused by ageing: e.g. sagging of the skin and wrinkles. The treatment fades fine lines especially around sensitive areas like above the lip line and around the eye contour area. In addition, scars and acne scars can effectively be treated with the Dermapen micro needling. The treatment also minimizes pore size and brightens the skin. In general, the results can be seen from the very first treatment. Long lasting and prominent results can be achieved after 4 to 6 treatment sessions. The condition of the skin will continue to improve even 6-10 months after the treatment sessions, as the reproduction of collagen has been activated and by continuing the skin treatment at home with high-quality skincare products.

A local anesthetic cream is used during the micro needling therapy. The Dermapen micro needling is gentler and causes less trauma to the skin than traditional skin micro needling rollers.

The Dermapen micro needles are disposable and this will minimize the risk of infections.

After the treatment session skin will appear reddish and mild peeling of the skin may occur during the first and second day after the session.

– Treat and wash you skin very gently.
– Avoid exposure to the sun at least during the first 2 weeks after the treatment session. Protect your skin with sun block.
– If peeling occurs, let the skin peel naturally.
– Only use safe skincare products.
– Do not wear any make-up on the day of the treatment session.


As the first beauty clinic in Finland, we are proud to offer treatments performed by the latest technology Duet RF device. The DUET RF system provides two focused advanced radiofrequency technologies – Fractional RF skin resurfacing and Thermal RF deep dermal tissue tightening and remodeling. The radiofrequency treatment is a safe and efficient non-surgical option for face lifting.

The fractional RF treatment firms and smoothes sagging skin, minimizes the pore size, reduces fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars, improves the structure and tone of the skin and reduces pigmentation of epidermis. The fractional RF delivers the energy deep into the dermal layer without epidermal damage. The results are visible immediately after the first treatment session. However the best results can be achieved with a course of treatment sessions. The treatment can be repeated every 3-4 weeks. Mild redness may appear on the skin after the treatment session and the recovery time is from 1 to 7 days.

The thermal RF treatment tightens and effectively remodels collagen. Fine lines and wrinkles will be reduced and the structure of the skin will be improved. The treatment contracts existing collagen while stimulating the formation of new collagen. In thermal treatment mode, RF delivers the energy deep into the dermal layer. As the heat affects the skin, its natural regeneration and healing processes are activated and new collagen fibers are produced in the skin. You will feel gentle heating sensation in the skin during the treatment. The effects are ongoing between 2-6 months.

The treatment mode, the type of the treatment tip and the power level will be individually selected at the beginning of each treatment session to meet our client’s needs and wishes. This will ensure the optimal treatment to match various skin problems and skin types.

Chemical peels

The chemical peel treatments provide fast, effective and visible results in skincare. The chemical peel treatments will renew the skin resulting in the elimination of dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, the reduction of skin impurities, the stabilization of sebum secretion and the minimising of the pore size. The skin will be smoother, left radiant, moisturized and rejuvenated. The chemical peel treatments will also help to fade pigmentation marks. The absorption of moisturizes will be improved after the chemical peel treatments.

The chemical peel treatment will gently remove the top layer of the skin with the help of blend of acids causing controlled skin damage. After the natural healing process the skin will appear smoother and brighter and the wrinkles caused by dehydration of the skin will be minimised. The controlled skin damage will also activate skin’s reproduction of collagen resulting in firmer skin. The chemical peel treatments can also enhance the results of mesotherapy and therefore can be used a supplement to mesotherapy treatments. A course of 4-6 chemical peel treatments in the intervals of 7-14 days is recommended to achieve the desired results.

At REBEL Helsinki, we are using the acid peels from the Medik8 product range.


A light chemical peel. Suitable for all skin types. The results will be visible immediately. The treatment will brighten the skin tone and cleanses and renews the skin. No visible peeling or downtime.

Medik8 agePeel

An effective combination of acids to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and to fade away imperfections leaving the skin smooth and renewed. An effective anti-ageing treatment.


For impure and acne prone skin. Rapidly brings acne under control and dramatically reduces the risk of future scarring. betaPeel counteracts all three causes of acne by targeting each assault individually: blocked pores, bacterial infection and inflammation


The most effective way to achieve brighter and even skin tone, free of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Renovates skin layers and prevents the darkening of new skin cells.

The chemical peel treatments are suitable for all skin types. They are not suitable if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. The chemical peel treatment cannot be performed on a broken skin, during a course of Roaccutan medication or during an active cold sore. After the chemical peel treatment the skin may appear reddish and mild swelling and tightness of the skin may occur. Skin needs to be well protected with high-SPF sun bloc. Avoid sauna and sweating during the first day after the treatment.

Rock my world -treatments by our nurse


Ensimmäinen Suomessa viimeisintä teknologiaa oleva Duet FR laite. Duet RF menetelmä tarjoaa kaksi kohdennettua edistyksellistä radiofrekvenssihoitoa. Turvallinen, tehokas ja veitsetön vaihtoehto kasvojenkohotukseen.
Fraktionaalinen hoito kiinteyttää ja siloittaa veltostunutta ihoa, pienentää ihohuokosia, siloittaa juonteita, ryppyjä ja aknearpia, parantaa ihon rakennetta ja väriä sekä poistaa pigmenttiläiskiä. Hoito vaikuttaa dermiskerroksen yläosaan vahingoittamatta iho. Tulokset ovat nähtävissä jo ensimmäisen kerran jälkeen, mutta parhaat tulokset tulevat sarjahoidolla. Hoitoa on mahdollista ottaa 3-4 viikon välein. Hoidon jälkeen iho punoittaa ja toipumisaika on 1-7 päivää.
Thermaalinen hoito kiinteyttää ja muokkaa erittäin tehokkaasti kollageeniä, tasoittaa juonteita ja ryppyjä, parantaa ihon rakennetta, tiivistää jo olemassa olevaa kollageeniä ja käynnistää uuden kollageenin muodostumisen. Thermaalisessa hoitomuodossa RF energiaa viedään lämpönä syvälle ihon kerroksiin aina dermikseen asti, näin kollageenin uudelleen muodostuminen voi alkaa. Hoito tuntuu iholla lämpönä ja vaikutus kestää 2-6kk.
Hoitomuoto, hoitopää ja tehokkuus valitaan hoidon alkusi yksilöllisesti asiakkaan tarpeiden ja toiveiden mukaan, nämä takaavat oikeanlaisen hoidon erilasille ihon ongelmille ja ihotyypeille.

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Filler treatments

Natural-looking results are always the key in our filler treatments.

The filler treatments are used to minimise wrinkles and fine lines, to rejuvenate the skin and to enhance lip volume. The results can be seen immediately after the treatment: As the wrinkles are minimised your appearance will be more radiant, glowing, rested and rejuvenated. The filler treatments can also be used to smooth out scars and uneven skin (e.g. acne scars). In addition, they are used for laugh lines around the eye contour area.

The fillers contain synthetically produced extremely pure hyaluronic acid gel, which has a resemblance to the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid in the skin.

At REBEL Helsinki, we use fillers from the Restylane product range based on pure hyaluronic acid. The Restylane products are of very high quality and clinically tested. They are produced by Galderma, which is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Europe.

The Restylane fillers are highly effective in reducing and filling wrinkles and fine lines. With age also lips will thin and the Restylane fillers can restore the fullness and moisture to them. The Restylane fillers are very elastic and therefore they adapt smoothly along wrinkles and perfectly according to the different skin types. This ensures that the results are very natural and beautiful.

The areas of application of fillers include lips, nasolabial folds, wrinkles on the forehead, worry lines and downward turning corners of the mouth.

At REBEL Helsinki the filler treatments are always performed either by our doctor or our specialized nurse. They are both highly skilled and possess a very trained aesthetic eye and an ability to create natural and elegant results.

After the treatment session some redness, swelling or bruising may occur on the skin during the first 2-14 days. Try to avoid sauna and sun during the first7 days after the treatment. After the filler treatment for lips, avoid hot food and drinks for the first 2 hours.


Botulinum toxin repairs and reduces very effectively expression lines and wrinkles.

Botulinum toxin can be used to treat the lines on the forehead such as glabellar lines, also known as frown lines between eyebrows. These lines are formed by the repeated action of frowning. Over the years the lines will deepen and may remain visible, even though the muscles on the forehead are completely relaxed. The appearance of these lines can make you look tired and slightly angry.

Botulinum toxin is also used to treat the crow’s feet, the laughter lines at the outer corners of the eye. In addition, sagging eyebrows can be lifted with the botulinum toxin treatment. The treatment effectively targets the problem areas that cause the tired appearance and restores rested and rejuvenated appearance.

Botulinum toxin is delivered with small injections directly into the desired muscle. The optimum effect will be seen within 3-5 days. The effects will last approximately 4-6 months, after which the treatment can be repeated.

After the treatment, tiny injection marks will appear on the skin. Also minor swelling and redness may appear on the treated area. Make-up can be applied 20 minutes after the treatment. Sports, sauna and sun should be avoided on the day of the treatment.

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Gift vouchers

You can purchase gift vouchers for our salon. They are available for any treatment or specified amount. REBEL Helsinki gift vouchers makes the perfect gift for everyone or anyone for all occasions.

DMK Skincare™ products

DMK Skincare™ products are pharmaceutical, which is above the standards of cosmetic grade. This means, that the ingredients used in DMK Skincare™ products are of higher quality than the ones used in cosmetic products.

DMK utilizes only the most pure botanical paramedical ingredients. Paramedical ingredients contain more active formulas and are more concentrated, higher-grade ingredient than used in general cosmetics.

General cosmetics work only on the surface of the skin. DMK’s paramedical restorative skin products work with the structure and function of the skin, targeting directly to the root of the problem.

All DMK Skin Revision™ professional treatments ensure progressive results. It is important to maintain beautiful skin with DMK Home Prescriptives, which work to prolong the results achieved by DMK professional treatments.

Our team will help you to find the most suitable home prescriptive products for you.

Skin Collagen 70 g

Skin Collagen 70 g is the purest collagen product on the market, containing no additives. It is an unflavored, 100 % pure, type 2 collagen powder. The product does not contain any lactose, gluten, sugar, yeast or soy. Several clinical trials have suggested that the product will improve the quality of the skin. Skin Collagen 70 g boosts the beauty of the skin from within by rejuvenating and adding moisture and firmness to the skin. Mix with your favorite juice or smoothie and enjoy!