Nurse / Permanent pigmentation technician Reija Lommi

Reija Lommi (nee Partanen) graduated as a nurse in 1995. For 16 years she has been one of Finland’s most respected makeup artists. At REBEL Helsinki Reija gives our clients treatments that are highly efficient in improving the condition of the skin: chemical peels, filler treatments and permanent pigmentation. Reija’s speciality is her profound knowledge in the proportions and aesthetics of women’s faces (e.g. shapes and colour tones of eyebrows). As a nurse Reija is highly professional and precise and possesses an extraordinary ability to create natural and elegant results e.g. in filler treatments for lips. Reija is the owner of REBEL Helsinki Oy.

Beautician Jessica Delst

Jessica Delst graduated as a beautician in 1999 (SKY and Cidesco diplomas). For 14 years she has worked as a beautician, a DMK’s skin therapist and a trainer. As a skin therapist Jessica’s aspiration is holistic: Realizing each customer’s needs and wishes with modern and reliable techniques as well as with individually tailor-made treatments/treatment programs. Special skills and interests: DMK’s skin treatment concept, various skin problems (i.e. rosacea and scars), treatments for ageing skin and deep peel treatments.